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space for sell 622 yrd near mlir 15 Raily stn exta 2oooyard open Lase best for diry form Marrag hall Hospital ,school .d 3 k 03006910249

show room 1200sqr w bassment 32 s f 5 dha for rent d 200000 p/m shop w bassment 900 for sell 32 03002513145

third full floor Flate for sale brand new d 1500000. 25 strea.f 5 dha karachi Rahman ullah khan 03002513145

4 acr dah bile super hi way poltry form alotment 33 y rahman ullah khan 03002513145

622 y,amunity corner open less transfar dimand 3 1 main gulistan rafi road mlir 15 kar rahman k 03002513145

Corner building 622 yard cornor open lease transfar for extra land 1000 yards. for marrage hall hosptal 1 gulistan rafi mlir 15

plote 200 yards no 7c 37 street f 5 dha karachi .falkan real estat f 5 karachi . Rahman ullah khan .con 0300 2513145

plote 7c 37 street f 5 dha karachi .Rahman ullah khan.03002513145 tuheed commerical area.

full flore inbetween bukhari and 14 10/22c co brand new 03008281430

send your sell purchese add free to all dellers of defence cliftfton dellers on 03243285898

All jnn members are informed send your sell purchase add on 03243285898 to spread it on all members self phones.

jnn property is going to start sell purchase add on your send sell purchase inventories to spread on the members mobile free.

An important information from jnn to allworld

All jnn members are informed send your sell and purchse add to spread to jnn members

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