Gwadar Port: Regional and Strategic Importance

Gwadar Port: Regional and Strategic Importance

Balochistan is the largest province of Pakistan with respect to the area covering 43% of total land and 5% with respect to population. The province is rich with the natural resources having plenty of minerals reserves and has blessed with natural sea port.

War against terrorism that Pak Army fought helped a lot in starting the development in Balochistan. Locals are giving credit to Army and they are of the opinion that at the time they were unable to move out from their houses and the condition of roads and infrastructure was pathetic. Realizing the improvement in security, China has started working on the China Pakistan Economic Corridor.

Gwadar port is located in Balochistan on the Arabian Sea and is deeper than Karachi port, so larger Ships will be able to dock at the port. This port is a warm water port which is the basic concern of CPEC and will help to make OBOR project successful. The port is located in between Karachi and Iranian border and is able to continue trade throughout the year.

This port connects Pakistan, China and other countries via sea, with the oil rich Arab countries. All the countries of this region can benefit from this port and start the economic and industrial development. According to experts, if trade starts from Gwadar between different countries of the world in their respective currencies, the price of a dollar in Pakistan will start decreasing. The successful development of port will also help people of Balochistan in getting jobs and people from all over Pakistan will start moving to Gwadar.

Apart from this, all the regional countries will be getting benefits from this port, especially China. This port will help China in defence, trade and regional sovereignty. China does not have warm water port that can allow a trade for the whole year and secondly if America creates disturbance in waters around China, they have a second option for trade. That’s why China has invested a lot yet and is continuously investing on a number of projects in CPEC.

Some countries are against the development of port in which India, Israel and America are on top. But Pakistan will never allow the enemies to break down the development, so Pakistan gave these responsibilities to PAK Army to provide security, that no one internally or externally halt this process of progress.